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"Haunted Historians"

We are a group of people dedicated to finding answers from a different perspective.
As friends, we come together to share our experiences, beliefs, theories, and ideas in openness and acceptance.
As members, our common goal is to try to gather evidence of activity, try to explain unusual phenomena, and debunk confusing and fake data from factual collected evidence.

Ultimately our mission is to help educate the public and our clients.

What to Expect

Haunted Historians (a division of I.S.P.I) is committed to respecting client’s privacy as well as the client’s property and will conduct all business in a professional, discreet and respectful manor.

Upon receiving an investigation request, the client will be contacted and an appointment will be made for a preliminary interview. In most cases this interview will be conducted over the telephone to assess the reported activity.

Research of the client's property will be conducted to establish if any history has been recorded that may correspond to what the client is experiencing.

A second interview will then be scheduled where members of our team with meet with you personally and all the residents who have experienced any type of activity. They will record your accounts and do a walk-through of the location at hand.

Upon completing the second interview, our team will schedule a date and time to conduct the initial investigation. You will receive an informational letter on what and how our organization will be conducting the investigation prior to the agreed investigation date.

Upon arrival to the client's location, the client is briefed on what will be taking place during the investigation.

Equipment such as video cameras, audio recorders etc. will be set up in accordance to the location of the reported activity;

  • EMF and temperature base line readings throughout the property are taken and recorded.
  • Any questionable areas of high EMF readings or temperature variations are inspected to determine the cause and recorded as not to interfere with the ongoing investigation.
  • Carbon Monoxide readings are also taken to ensure the clients safety as well.

The time devoted to any paranormal investigation varies from location to location. Depending on the location of the client's property as well as the type of activity present, it is very difficult to determine how long the initial investigation will take.

In many cases more than 1 investigation is warranted.

Upon completion of an investigation, Haunted Historians will analyze all video, audio and photographic evidence gathered at the location and will contact the client, to set up a meeting to present and discuss what evidence was found.

If evidence
collected requires further investigation, a follow up investigation will be scheduled and investigative adjustments made accordingly.

This includes different camera angles, updated EVP questions and other equipment utilized. This is all in accordance to the evidence gathered from the first investigation.


Take Your Own Journey into the History of Kankakee:

Kankakee County Historical Society

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Kankakee County Historial Society

Kankakee County Historial Society









Coming Soon

The Haunted Herald

Companion Publication

The Haunted Herald has been created to present to you an international group of writers dedicated to pursue and report the unknown. The Haunted Herald seeks to bring you the most educational and informative information in the realm of the supernatural. It is a place where those curious can learn and educate themselves on the paranormal. Whatever your interest may be, ghosts, cryptozoology, UFO’s, occult or folklore, The Haunted Herald is the place. Based in Illinois, The Haunted Herald is corroboration and collection of writings from correspondents located throughout the world. This network of individuals is committed to presenting articles, theories, notices of up and coming events, newly published works and interviews with those who have dared to pierce the veil between this world and the next. By bridging the gap between worlds The Haunted Herald prides itself in reflecting the highest aspirations of journalistic writing without constraints and controls of today’s market. Members believe this is the best possible way to gather and publish intelligent correspondence about the paranormal while educating the general public along the way.

The Haunted Herald seeks to publish stories, theories and/or articles that demonstrate the power of individual observations and expressions of the supernatural. The best way to do this is to explore the increasing complex world of the unknown and the beliefs shared by bringing its’ years of history and facts of people’s encounters to the forefront. The Haunted Herald hopes to reach a broad range of subscribers who seek both answers and entertainment.

If knowledge of the supernatural is what you crave, or simple curiosity of what may lie ahead has gotten the best of you, The Haunted Herald will surely appeal to your “sixth sense” in the hopes of answering some of your questions to the unknown.

9 Responses to Home

  • Cathy says:

    All you do is awesome!!

    • ghostchasingfool says:

      I.S.I.P and the Haunted Historians are not just one person! We are a team and what makes us different from the rest is that we are passionate and professional and work incredible well together!

  • GRSJimG says:

    To understand the haunting, you have to know the history.

  • Cristy says:

    I sure would like some help, I believe there is something else living with me, Ive been told to “get out”, I sit here at computer and I get cold chills, like something is walking thru me, Ive seen shadows, laying on floor earlier and i felt the floor vibrating, like someone walking around me.

  • bksmith says:

    Please know that any reputable paranormal investigator will never charge for an investigation. If someone does ask you for a fee upfront, they are not in it to help, only to profit themselves. Groups like these can make things much worse in the home or business. .

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